Creativity and Innovation born in Barcelona.

We are leaders in creative customer experiences, innovation and integral solutions. Born in the inspiring and creative city of Barcelona, our agency uses creativity to solve all kinds of challenges for companies who want to truly connect with people in unique and extraordinary ways. After years of providing solutions, we have developed our own fool-proof methodology, the “Pixel” innovation process, that guarantees the success of all our creative projects and makes everything possible.

The unique approach of our boutique agency is built upon 3 main pillars— creativity and innovation, a unique understanding of people through our communications expertise and diversity-first culture, as well as a passion for new technologies. This vision allows us to offer every client a fully-tailored experience, sealed with our stamp of efficiency and innovation.

DRDA was co-founded by María José, an expert in digital communications, customer experiences and marketing strategy, and Toni Rubio, an award-winning art director and multifaceted creative, graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, music producer and film director. Over 25 years, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands press the right buttons, innovating through authentic creative experiences, digital campaigns, events and more.
Our team is composed of passionate creatives, communications and marketing specialists from all over the world, each bringing a fresh perspective to every project.