360º Brand Experience for Adobe

Innovating to engage the world’s most creative minds.

Client: Adobe

For the fourth consecutive year, Adobe called on DRDA to create an immersive experience at OFFF including designing the space, the integral experience and the creative campaign to engage the world’s most creative minds. Only this year, Adobe would have even more space to play with — and 5,000 creatives would be attending the event instead of the usual 3,000.
People attending OFFF 2019 were expecting big things from Adobe. Each of the previous three years, DRDA delivered fun, impactful experiences. This year, Adobe had groundbreaking new tools to show off, such as the 3D technology of the Dimensions app and their AI Sensei. And with this being the biggest OFFF ever, we had to be sure to engage multiple groups of people simultaneously.
We created one-of-a-kind experiences that were the talk of the event. Our overall concept was something every creative could relate to: a pixel. A pixel is the starting point of any design project, and creativity turns that pixel into something beautiful, original and even impactful.  And just like a pixel, Adobe is the starting point of design projects.
We designed colorful and interactive spaces with immersive activities. These included areas where attendees could “uncover their creativity” by desiging custom notebooks and pins with Adobe apps. They were printed instantly, much to their delight.
Another activity asked attendees to jump into a new dimension, literally, using Adobe’s Dimension app. They would strike a pose and use the app to add 3D elements. The amazing and amusing results were then shared via their social channels.
We organized Adobe Workshops (a.k.a. The Innovation Area), where top creatives taught attendees how to use Adobe tools and gave overall tips and tricks. Additionally, we once again live-streamed interviews and tutorials to creatives around the world on Adobe Live. A few of the legendary creatives we worked with were James Victore, GMUNK, Rik Oostenbroek, Lobulo, Will MacNeil from The Mill, David Carson, Marina Willer and Jessica Sanders.
In addition to the array of experiences, we developed a unified visual system for signage and creative assets including videos, digital creative assets like emails, social media, webpages and yes, even t-shirts.
Overall, OFFF 2019 for Adobe was a huge success. There was a constant line of people waiting to experience the activities. Around 5,000 people interacted with the brand and experienced the Creative Cloud apps including, Gemini, Aero, Sensei and Dimension. Over 2,000 notebooks and pins were created. And, there have been over 63K views of the streaming sessions.