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Adobe Stock Global Launch

Introducing a world of Fotolia users to the full capabilities of Adobe Stock.

Client: Adobe

When Adobe acquired stock-image site Fotolia and prepared to launch Adobe Stock, Adobe needed a way to keep Fotolia users onboard.
Our strategy showed that the audience responded well to certain messaging formats employed by Fotolia. So, we needed to speak their language while introducing the new, upgraded stock photo service.
We developed a global campaign launch with the concept of “If you can picture your future, we’ve got the picture for it.” It showed the benefits of Adobe Stock and how the right image could enhance your business, enhance your potential, enhance your sales, etc. The main assets of the campaign were videos featuring artists Mr. Xerty and Birgit Palma showing the eye-popping ways they use Adobe Stock.
We produced three videos in total with custom music. We also created a dynamic landing page that housed relevant information for existing Fotolia users, as well as the social media plan to amplify the message.
When the international campaign went live, users found an engaging, approachable way to learn about Adobe Stock. From day one, Fotolia users began moving to the all-new service to enhance their potential. See the full landing page here.