Brand Strategy & Creative Campaign DRDA Art

Client | DRDA Art
DRDA Art is the first art gallery dedicated to expand consciousness about diversity, individuality and respect through original artworks and limited editions that empower people’s uniqueness. The task was to define the brand strategy, create the creative concept, develop the naming system for the product categories aligned to the concept, and bring the global transmedia campaign to life.
We started the project with a brand analysis and established the brand strategy and positioning for project effectiveness.
The brief was to create a bold and relatable creative concept that would be easy to communicate and represent the empowerment and diversity behind the artworks. This is how ‘Come As You Art’ was born, inspired by the phrase ‘come as you are’, this claim is an invitation for people to be authentic and embrace their uniqueness with art.
‘Come As You Art’ represents both diversity and the empowerment of individuality. To capture these concepts, we used different typefaces with strong personalities as symbols of individual uniqueness, which together bring the concept of diversity to life.
A key part of the project was the development of a naming system for the gallery’s collections. The naming system needed to be broad and flexible to facilitate the long-term addition of new pieces to the collections, and most importantly, the collection names needed to connect with the creative concept of the campaign and the brand message. 
‘Come As You Art’ invites people to embrace their uniqueness with art, which is defined by each person’s unique way of living in all areas of life, or what we call the 6 dimensions of individuality: You Belong, You Can, You Love, You Believe, You Master, You Enjoy. These 6 dimensions of individuality became the names of the gallery collections. 
The same typographic solution that brought ‘Come As You Art’ to life was applied in the namings, featuring typefaces created by designers from all around the world with a unique style and personality, together to represent diversity.
DRDA Art presents 6 collections dedicated to each of these 6 dimensions. Each collection houses artworks that speak about the different ways of living each dimension of life, so that everyone can find the artwork that helps them express themselves authentically: the way they love, the way they belong, what they believe, the way they face life, what they master and the way they enjoy.
The brand needed to be communicated across a variety of offline and digital media. We developed a design system that allowed for a broad, simple and adaptable representation of the message and collections with colors and geometric shapes. We analyzed the values of each color and shape to create a system where each dimension was represented in a unique way with elements that communicated its values.
The core concept of the gallery was to place the observer at the center of its mission, putting the artworks at their service. Therefore, in the main visual of the campaign we captured this idea by showing a frame superimposed by the claim ‘Come As You Art’, as an invitation to discover artworks that empower the uniqueness of the observer. Also, we used classic elements of art in contrast with the innovative vibe of the pioneering brand in the metaverse, always looking to be one step ahead.
For the creative campaign we built the characters for each of the dimensions based on the geometric shapes that represent them.
The creation process of the campaign was used as a campaign teaser in Reels format to generate buzz on social media.
The creative campaign was launched across all channels, and during the launch phase, a variety of content was created to educate audiences on how to embrace their uniqueness in each dimension.
DR Digital Agency developed a complete set of assets to launch the new campaign: we designed the campaign assets and transmedia content for all digital and offline media, social media, advertising, metaverse and more.
Brand storytelling allowed us to develop interactive quizzes and Instagram stories that delved deeper into each dimension, helping users find the pieces that spoke to them and generating a lot of interest as people were able to discover more about themselves.
The campaign has a central space in the meta-museum built for the brand.