Creative Event for Adobe OFFF

Building creative spaces and experiences for the ‘crème de la crème’ of creative minds.

Client: Adobe

Adobe hoped to make a bold statement at OFFF 2017, an event that brings together the world’s top creatives. And they wanted to do it while showcasing Adobe’s pioneering programs and services.
As a creative leader, it was important that Adobe’s presence stand out in a unique way.
We designed and implemented a multi-channel experience that blended the physical and digital worlds. The design was inspired by the 1980s industrial architecture and design of the Memphis Group collective. This included a stunning sculpture for the event, created in collaboration with artist Lauro Samblas.
We developed a number of immersive, interactive workflows where attendees created custom designs using Adobe Stock and Adobe Creative Cloud. They created beer labels and alter-egos made of paper (which made for some amazing gifs).
We handled total production, from online and in-situ experiences to broadcasting the event all three days on Adobe’s global YouTube channel, which featured top designers and influencers like Leta Sobierasjki, Lance Wyman, Gary Baseman, Kelli Anderson, Anthony Burril, Velvet Spectrum and Ben & Julia.
We managed the experience for 60 influencers too, handling collaborations and travel logistics throughout the event. We also created the marketing pieces, such as emails, social media posts and other physical assets.
Overall, more than 3000 attendees interacted with Adobe. Over 1000 custom beer logos and 500 paper sculptures were created. And with these being printed instantly on-site, creatives were stunned to see them come to life right before their eyes.
With the streaming sessions included, Adobe at OFFF 2017 reached over 60K people during the three-day event.