DRDA Art Brand Experience in the Metaverse

Metaverse Design, Experience & Architecture: Innovating to create the first museum in the Metaverse dedicated to diversity.

Client: DRDA Art

DRDA Art wanted to innovate and be the first art gallery in the world to create a museum in the metaverse dedicated to diversity and respect (its driving values), as a unique immersive experience that would be engaging and accessible for everyone everywhere.
Additionally, DRDA Art wanted to leverage the creative opportunities of the metaverse to design a space that was unlike anything in the real world.
DRDA Art also needed to develop a unified transmedia strategy where each channel could feed into the narrative and drive users to the metaverse museum.
The metaverse is still in development and for many it is an unknown ground. Therefore, it was important to create an engaging and impressive experience, yet accessible to both beginners who had never entered the metaverse, as well as experienced users.
We defined the brand strategy for the metaverse and the concept for this space along with setting out how to bring the brand narrative to Web3 in a valuable way.
We created and designed a space for the metaverse that could be accessible anywhere in the world and from any device. We worked on the architecture of a unique metaverse space destined to art and diversity, that would also be a living place for exhibitions, events and culture. For this, we worked on an aesthetic that was completely different from the architecture we see in the real world, taking the brand values to a totally ground-breaking level.
We designed the user experience in the space, taking visitors from the historical basis of the concept to their own introspection through the artworks.
We defined a transmedia strategy that integrated all channels, and developed a communication strategy that helped users dive into the metaverse, supported by educational content.
We organized the launch event of the metaverse space for the press, VIPs and the creative community, celebrating a very special party in the new metaverse museum. The event featured music that was performed by guest DJs and we also provided a welcome kit for the press, intended to help journalists access and navigate the event step by step and have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. On top of that, we were in charge of the creative campaign and its amplification on all digital channels to invite the DRDA Art community to this big event.
You can join the Metaverse Brand Experience we created for DRDA Art, either using VR headsets,  from the web or mobile devices. Dive in now