DRDA Art Brand Identity

Client | DRDA Art
DRDA Art is the first art gallery with a mission to expand consciousness about diversity, individuality and respect through original artworks and limited editions that empower people’s uniqueness.
DRDA Art needed a visual identity that reflected its positioning and values. 
We worked to create a bold, elegant and modern brand identity. The new logo is inspired by 20th century art gallery stamps and is characterized by its simplicity and absence of ornamentation. It is a custom wordmark contained within a perfect square, making it easy to use in a variety of applications including embossed stamps, labels, packaging, social media and billboards.
The brand name is the focal point of the logo and is surrounded by the slogan in a circular shape, which is an optional element that can be used depending on the application. This design also allows for easy future updates and changes to the tagline.
The brand typeface is Objektiv Mk3, a modern and elegant font. The contemporary geometric sans serif typeface has an extensive family and is very legible and clear in a wide range of applications and sizes.
Color plays a very important role in the identity of DRDA Art. The need for strong colors that bring the artwork to the forefront led us to a neutral palette of black and white, as symbols of boldness and elegance, along with a very unique and vibrant red color that represents a personality full of energy and positive transformation. All these elements give DRDA Art a distinctive and unmistakable personality.
DRDA Art’s identity is implemented in a variety of physical and digital spaces and media.
A key element of the project was the creation of the packaging and all related elements. We designed a modern package using sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly and safeguard the delicate art pieces. The packaging consists of a matt black cardboard inner tube with a metal cap, protected on the outside by a recycled cardboard box. We can see the application of the brand labels on the tube and on the outside of the box.