Metaverse Event DRDA Art

Metaverse Event Organization, Event Concept, Metaverse Venue Design, Communication Strategy & PR Launch.

Client: DRDA Art

DRDA Art is a forward-thinking art gallery that wanted to create an exhibition in the metaverse to promote the values of diversity and free love. They were looking for a way to make the brand relevant in this channel still new to many.  
At that time, the metaverse was a totally innovative channel and still very little known, so it was important to create an experience that could be appealing as well as accessible.
We developed a strategy focused on giving visibility to the gallery and positioning it as an innovative brand. We created an art exhibition in the metaverse called “Diversity & Love”, launched on Valentine’s Day, to celebrate the month of love in an original and unique way.
We designed the interiors of the space in the metaverse and developed all the storytelling to take visitors through an inspiring journey full of art and values.
We also organized the entire launch event in the metaverse and developed a communication strategy that successfully gave visibility to the brand at a national level and a digital campaign with creative and educational assets that raised awareness of the exhibition and made it easier for users to enter the metaverse.
The exhibition was very well received, welcoming hundreds of visitors and being featured in the most important Spanish media including national television.
You can join the exhibition in the Metaverse here, either using VR headsets or from the web or mobile devices. Join now.