Influencer Experience for Adobe

Developing an unforgettable, share-worthy experience.

Client: Adobe

Create an experience for Adobe’s influencers coming from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. And to make sure each of their unique social personas aligned with Adobe’s overall objective.
Adobe MAX is one of the largest creative conferences in the world. Each year, it brings together leaders in the industry to meet, greet and learn about the latest innovations from Adobe.
We developed a comprehensive strategy and logistics plan for each of the influencers. We arranged their flights to and from L.A., hotels, transportation and dinners (including a welcome VIP dinner), always making sure that each location was in line with Adobe.
We created a personalized agenda for each influencer. This included a social kit that contained customizable assets and suggested posts. During the event, we were in constant communication with influencers via WhatsApp and personalized daily emails that had information about what to expect each day at Adobe MAX. Additionally, we followed up with each influencer every day to answer any questions or help publish the most engaging posts about Adobe products.
As the brand behind MAX, Adobe and their influencers made a huge impact. In total, 16.7M people were reached, plus another 12.3M on Instagram Stories alone. Total engagement reached 1.3M, and 100% (yes, 100%) of the posts had a positive sentiment. Additionally, podcasts on Spotify were used as a new platform, helping make this Adobe influencer campaign a MAXimum success.
Check out the full experiences from influencers In The Frow and Annika, plus Romain showing off Photoshop on the new iPad Pro.