Inspiring with the 1st European Creative Jam

Creating an experience to engage a continent full of creatives.

Cliente: Adobe

Adobe wanted a way to engage the European creative community and show the amazing capabilities of new Adobe products.
Our strategy focused on the excitement of Adobe’s tools and how they all work together.
Our idea was to extend the hugely popular Adobe Creative Jam series and create the first-ever European Creative Jam, but with a twist.  Traditionally, the Creative Jam is an online competition where creatives are given 72 hours to answer a brief. Ours was a LIVE Creative Jam in Bilbao, Spain. Instead of anybody entering, though, we invited seven teams of designers from top studios around Europe to compete in the same room. And they would be given only three hours.
DRDA brought the idea to life from start to finish. We curated the artists from all over Europe, created the travel-themed invites, designed the set, designed the digital assets, handled the logistics for all the teams and we even live-streamed the competition on Adobe’s global YouTube channel so people could vote for their favorite project.
The Jam came to life beautifully. It had excitement. It had creativity. And it had a lot of attention, too. The day after the Jam, we had over 10K views of the projects and 1,665 appreciations on Behance.
The amazing studios we collaborated with were Happycentro, Foreal, Radio, Tatabi Studio, Violaine & Jérémy, Oh Yeah Studio and Patswerk. Take a look at the finished projects here.