Adobe Createfulness

Creating a new trend with a 360º campaign.

Client: Adobe

With new tools to showcase, Adobe wanted a campaign to appeal to creatives in the summer months.
Our full-scale strategy began with just that — summer. Summer is a time for leisure and self-love. We take it easy. We recharge. We practice mindfulness. So, that got us thinking — what if summer were for recharging our creative energy, too? 
We created a concept called Createfulness, which is the idea of “creativity sustainability.” It’s about staying inspired to create great work all year round (with Adobe products, of course). For creatives in summertime, it’s important to practice Createfulness.
We created a 360º creative experience, anchored by the tagline, “Renew. Create. Go further.” It included a video series where top creatives around the world would give tips and glimpses into their creative processes. All the content was housed on a responsive website we designed and translated for users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
The video series we produced included collaborations with Vasava Studio, Akatre Studio, Oliur Rahman,Maite Franchi and renowned typographer Erik Spiekermann.
We obtained high visibility and active use of Adobe tools over the duration of the campaign. Additionally, for the final stage of the campaign, we encouraged people to use their newfound Createfulness to register for the Adobe Creative Jam, an online creative competition. The competition was hugely popular with more than 400 people participating. Overall, Createfulness was a refreshing, summertime success.