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Adobe Stock Spain

Inspiring creatives in Spain to create with Adobe Stock.

Client: Adobe

Adobe wanted to reinforce the image and brand reputation of Adobe Stock in Spain.
Our strategy focused on elevating Adobe Stock in front of creatives at the popular Brief Festival in Madrid.
In both 2017 and 2018, our idea was to collaborate with key influencers at Brief Festival, showing how Adobe Stock enhanced their work. We created and produced a branded video series featuring them walking through some of their favorite work. In each video, Adobe Stock plays a prominent role in their creative processes.
Take a look at the full videos here and here.
We curated relevant influencers, including Rik Oostenbroek, 36 Days of Type, Birgit Palma, Owen Gildersleeve, Marina Willer, Verónica Fuerte, Gabor Schreirer, Degrau Studio, Noelia Lozano, Six n Five, Marco Creativo and Jing Zhang.
To further amplify the brand, we took selections of the videos to create social media ads, encouraging people to join in on the creative inspiration.
Additional assets we created included banners, advertorials and emails, as well as a comprehensive media plan. We produced and defined the concept of the videos — and even created custom music for them.
The results proved that Adobe Stock was becoming top-of-mind for creatives. We obtained more than 1M reach and 14K engagements during each campaign. Immediately after the event (both years), there were around 500 visits to download material on Adobe Stock.
In addition to enriching their relationships with key influencers, we helped Adobe position Adobe Stock as a leader in Spain.