Adobe XD Launch

Launching a new tool that would change the landscape of the UX market.

Client: Adobe

Unlike many of Adobe’s other products, Adobe XD — an innovative UX program —  was the new kid on the block. We had to create buzz and engagement among a UX community in Europe familiar with existing UX programs.
Our strategy was to capitalize on Adobe’s design leadership and collaborate with influencers in a campaign that celebrated the creative community. Adobe XD would be at the heart of the celebration.
Our idea was to showcase the power of #GoodDesign through an integrated, multi-phase campaign and contest. The idea focused on iconography, and how icons have the ability to tell a story, especially when it comes to UX.
The first phase of the campaign was a collaboration with three legendary designers: Anton & Irene, Burodestruct and Lance Wyman. They each designed exclusive icon packs that were free to download and could be used with Adobe XD. We created videos where they shared their icons and philosophies behind them.
The second phase was a UX design contest, promoted by our three collaborators, that asked users to use the icon packs to create an app on Adobe XD that represented their city through their eyes. We called it the “Prototype your Creative City App,” and the winner would win a trip to Adobe MAX in LA.
The results of the coordinated launch were huge. The exclusive kits were downloaded in multiple countries and hundreds of creatives submitted their city app. In two weeks, the monthly active users grew nearly 10%. Most importantly, the UX community saw the power of #GoodDesign and how Adobe XD brings it to life beautifully.
In addition to the overall concept, we developed the visual identity, social campaign, digital assets and managed the entire international campaign. Take a look at the submitted app prototypes here.